Best 2 in 1 Laptops 2014

Laptops or tablets? This is a pretty good question since it’s easy to get lost in the plethora of mobile devices available on the market, and for many of us this flood of all kinds of portable computers creates a state of indecision when it comes to buying such a device.

Until recently you would choose one or the other, but now there is a third option and that option is 2 in 1 laptops. These, through their unique design allows its use either as a tablet or as a laptop, which makes them perfect for any situation you could find yourself. You can use them as a tablet when you travel or when you’re in a coffee bar for usual tasks like surfing the internet, or you can use them as a laptop at home, in the office or in the hotel room for more complicated tasks that require the use of a keyboard and the performance of a laptop.

Since any work done on a tablet can be done on a laptop, before you buy a 2 in 1 laptop you have to wonder if these are exactly what you need. Only you know what your needs are and can answer this question , if it’s enough just a tablet , if you need a laptop, or you need them both in one device.

So if you need 2 in 1 convertible laptop, below you will find a list of the best options from reputable laptop brands. These were selected based on their performance as a laptop and on their ratings and reviews from real buyers.

Top Rated Detachable Laptops

Detachable laptops are tablets that allows you to connect a keyboard to use them in full laptop mode. This convenient option offers the mobility of a stand-alone tablet and the performance of a fully-functioning notebook at the same time. See more top rated detachable laptops!

ASUS Transformer Book  10.1″ Detachable 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop


Transformer Book T100 is a compact ultraportable that combines the productivity features of a laptop with the easy portability of a tablet — and you can switch between the two in an instant. T100 is one of the lightest laptops around, but detach the 10.1-inch display from the keyboard and it becomes an equally lightweight multi-touch tablet you can take anywhere. The sleek design features a durable finish, too, so T100 will always look its best.

It’s a great Windows 8 tablet (still an emerging ecosystem) and quite usable as a laptop. It can run most any Windows program, including Office (included), Photoshop, etc… It can also run any number of less well know apps, utilities, etc… plus access USB drives, printers, network drives etc… This flexibility does appeal to my needs as a tinkerer, as even an unlocked Android tablet can’t do what a PC can. Here you have a PC. That being said, realistic expectations should be set. It runs a relatively modern Atom processor and has limited RAM. Multitasking, running apps that demand a ton of memory (Lightroom and even Chrome), or advanced games may push this system too far, but for me, it’s OK.

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Top Rated Convertible Laptops

Convertibles laptops can flip, twist, or fold into a tablet. This functionality offers users the choice to get work done in laptop mode, or for entertainment and apps in tablet mode. See more top rated convertible laptops!

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15 15.6-Inch Touchscreen Ultrabook


The Lenovo Flex 15 is an affordable thin & light, dual-mode notebook PC with a 10-point, 15.6″ touchscreen that flips 300 degrees, making it perfect for work in laptop mode or entertainment like enjoying a movie in the unique stand mode. Plus, at just .87″ thick, it’s lightweight for mobile users who need the portability as well as the added functionality of the dual-mode design.

So far I’m adapting to windows 8.1. As far as i can tell after a week, this computer is running efficiently and doing exactly what it should. I had to fix the default brightness settings, otherwise, out of the box, its pretty good. The touchscreen is decent, but the speakers really suck. You wont be disappointed with an i7 at this price point.

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