Best Gaming Laptops 2014

Best gaming laptops offers you the possibility to play whatever you’ve been playing on a desktop but with an extra huge advantage – portability. Most gamers will generally choose desktop computers over laptops, but  if you’re in the position that you want to travel or go out in a holiday and you can’t take your desktop computer with you, you’ll bring your portable toy – the gaming laptop.

In a short comparison, desktops are more flexible when it comes the time for an upgrade, and you know that you have multiple choices if something needs to be replaced. But if you’re reading this it means that you are looking for gaming laptops and not desktop PCs. Laptops will offer something that desktop PCs will never offer – portability. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want. Simple as that!

One thing is sure when it comes to PC gaming… the games evolves much faster than the tech does. And most popular games you wait to be released will demand more resources from your gaming system, therefore make sure you choose the best laptop right from the start. So you’ll need to look for the best processors and best graphics cards, fastest hard drives and huge amount of RAM. The best you can get so you can relax and play the latest games without worries for at least the next few years.

Top Rated Laptops For Gaming 2014

When you think of gaming laptops, there are only 3 popular laptop brands that worth mentioning: Asus, Alienware and MSI. Those three brands are the best rated amongst gamers. With backlit keyboards and custom designs and shapes, packing the latest technology available, these laptops are simply built with the gamer in mind. Toward them you should focus your attention.


ASUS ROG G750JS-DS71 17.3-inch Gaming Laptop


Own your opponents with the ultimate gaming notebook. The ROG G750JS comes with the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M dedicated graphics that delivers the horsepower needed for a no-compromise gaming. You can boost already-impressive performance with ASUS-exclusive TurboMaster technology, which supports 5% overclocking while an upgraded cooling system ensures your G750JS stays ventilated and quiet.

The perfect laptop for my needs. With the outstanding features and performance, the laptop were able to run many games smoothly. Other than that, i was one of windows 7 fans, but after this beast i aint’ at all. The laptop boots up so freaking fast with operating system, and Asus built some eligible apps to speed up my journey ,such as : boosting speed apps, fan control speed and etc. However, these applications works only when the laptop is plugged in for some reasons. Im so happy with the performance of this laptop, price, and the design!

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MSI GT70 Dominator-893;9S7-1763A2-893 17.3-Inch Laptop

Alienware ALW14-3437sLV 14-Inch Laptop

Alienware ALW14-3437sLV 14-Inch Laptop

Rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars – 3 customer reviews

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Choosing the best laptop for gaming

So how do you know how to choose the best laptop for gaming? Well think of it this way. Choose the games you want to play and make a list of their system requirements. When you’re done, you should see some things that pop up regularly in terms of specs.

A powerful processor will be needed for most modern games, somewhere in the range of a dual core or even a quad core. That should be more than enough for any games that are about to enter the gaming scene.

RAM is another aspect you’ll come across, and while some games specify only 2GB as the recommended system requirement, it would be wise to go up to 4GB just to make sure.

A dedicated video card is probably the third thing you’ll most likely run into. Without a dedicated video card, chances are most modern games won’t even run on your system. So make sure your laptop has at least one card either from nVidia or ATI.

Hard Drive is a least important aspect, but shouldn’t be overlooked. Look for a decent sized hard drive so you can store as many games as you like on your laptop.